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Slice Of Heaven - A Tribute To Paradisa

This model is my tribute to one of the coolest LEGO themes of the 90s, Paradisa.
It takes up 96x64 studs (not counting a bit of overhang from the palm trees) and is made up of 2746 pieces.
It consists of an elevated area with a café, a house and a path leading down to the beach, with plenty of space for minifigures and more, as well as a lighthouse on the other end. It also has a car with a tow to carry a small speedboat. And of course, plenty of palm trees.
I made this model because paradisa is one of my favorite themes, and I think it deserves to be remembered and appreciated a lot more.
I think this would be a great set for those who have fond memories of paradisa, as well as those like me who never experienced the theme, and even those who just enjoy the beach and the ocean.

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