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Project Elements: Geia Titan - Rahu

Let's finish the fifth Geia Titan!


The new school year just started at this morning. This quarter, I am taking many environmental classes and one of them is about environmental law which may take me a while to study. I have to stop using LDD until the spring break... Before I stop, I have to submit the fifth Geia Titan by the weekend. Those who read through all my updates may know what is the name of the mech, or maybe not.

Hint: It is not batman.

Shining torso - Building process


This is its shining torso.  I was thinking about using the color of black and gold to decorate it, but still keeping the rustiness of the metallic surface.  Unfortunately, there aren't many golden pieces, so I used orange.  About the connection of the leaning, upper torso, it took me quite a while to develope.  Right now, I am going to read more instructions from Legend of Chima or Marvel Super Heroes to find some inspiration. So far, the piece count is 339 and it includes a minifigure.

Delicious legs - Rendering test


After building a specific part, it is good to do a rendering test. As you see, the golden parts make the legs or the whole image look fake. About the feet, they look terribly bad. I am a student who has taken architecture history classes and I love good texture and detail.  How can I make this? Well, everyone makes mistake(s). However, I do not allow myself to have any mistake in the final version.


So right now I am like. . . showing some of my followers or non-followers my process of building. On the far left, there is an unfinished skeletal leg.  It is the prototype.  Next to the prototype, the second version gets covered by various pieces, but the length of the leg is still too short, so I made the third version. In the third version, I added more details and colors because I had read some comments about my color selection.


After the coloring process, I started to build its body based on my sketches.  Right now, I am focusing on another way to construct the cockpit which can influence the body structure. However, I am thinking about sacrificing the stability of the structure or coming out a better build.  To be honest, I am more leaning toward to come out a better structure.


Before I end this update, I want to say I don't watch and don't like any mech from Pacific Rim, because their armours are lack of details. What about Transformers? I only watched 1-3 and I barely remember any of armour, but I know their armours are hard to construct in Lego form. (Good luck, KreO)  I never take those movies as inspiration just because I don't want to. The reason I bring this up is because I find out there will be another Pacific Rim movie in 2018. . . (Come on, it is just another mechs vs. monsters movie and humans always win in the end. What is the fun of watching those movies? CGI? This is just my opinion. . .)


Cemodin 09/22/2017

Process of Building


This is my storage. All the abandoned things go in here. As you see, there are many Galahad's heads and another version of Galahad's torso. I was testing the build and color in order to give people the better impression. Those process of "titan making" usually took about two weeks or longer.  However, Rahu took me... about a year to complete.  Because it was so difficult for me to design last year, I stopped building until last week.  I picked up this project and finished it. On the left, there are some details about my original designs for Rahu.  In the back, there is a satellite design, but it looks so horrible. I gonna stop that project and finish all the 12 Geia Titans.  Right now, I am working on Keetongu, Sagittarius, and Anubis. Since I am a college student right now, I don't have that much time to work on those titans.  Maybe next time to see you guy is next summer...


Cemodin 09/19/2017

Basically, it will be looking like this...


Big and nice.