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Queen's Stage

Hello to everyone!

It is a Queen Stage.
The Queen band is the one of the most iconic and important rock band of ever and it is composed by Freddie Mercury (vocalist, piano and guitar too), Brian May (guitarist), Roger Taylor (drummer) and John Deacon (bassist). This group has made famous hits as "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Another One Bites The Dust", "I Want To Break Free", "We Will rock You", "We Are The Champions", "Somebody To Love" and "Don't Stop Me Now" and these are just a few but there are other wonderful and unique songs to list.

I took idea from different stages during the decades of Queen's career, such as the colorful lights red, yellow, blue and green that are about '70s and where are positioned drum and piano like during "Live Aid" (1985). I added some details, for exemple, many glasses over the piano (as at the "Live Aid"), the cup symbol of "We are the Champions", the red lights and colorful ones on the stage and a golden disk as the ones sell during all this time and for every record reached and exceeded.

I built it alone and during the years I did modify this stage and, now, I think it is the best one version. Also, this is unique and no one has built a stage same as mine. I made it more perfect, realistic and beauty that I can do with my bricks. I do not know how much time I have spent to built it perfectly, but from my ideas in my mind to realize and built it, I think about one day and during the years I modified this project different times to improve it.

Regard the background, it is made of bricks over a panel (always LEGO) that I positioned vertically and it is fixed by some bricks on the base behind and on the top always behind. At first I put red bricks to make the sign "Queen" and later I put the white ones.
For the lights, in particular that are on the top sides they can rotate and regulate from vertical position to point the light on the spectators. The only one big in the middle has the same function of the other but it can't rotate on orizzontally.

About minifigures, I did them more realistic I can do and it includes all musicist: Freddie Mercury (minifigure at the piano), Brian May (with his "Red Special"), Roger Taylor (at the drum) and, last but not least, John Deacon (with his bass in the middle of the stage). In particular, there are two microphone for Freddie Mercury, one on the piano and the other one on the stage that you can remove the base (as you can see in the pictures).

The stage's measures are: length 33 cm. (inch. 12,9), width 25,5 cm. (inch. 10,03) and height 15,5 cm. (inch. 6,1).

I hope that it enjoyed you and I am open to constructive comments to improve this project!

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