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1967 Camaro


License Plate Sticker


As promised here is my plate sticker design, sorry if it seems blocky, i had problems sizing the image, the real sticker design will be a bit more smooth than this. This sticker will cover the front and back license plates.



I have added a new design feature, on the front grill section the sides can be removed and replaced with headlight pieces. On the real car the headlight covers would slide open, that feature would be too difficult at this scale, so i made them interchangeable.

this is what the car looks like with the headlight pieces on

i hope you like my update, please support, share, and have fun 


Redesign + stickers

I redesigned the taillights and rear bumper, the new taillights will have silver stickers to create the outline on the taillights, i think it looks a bit better than the old taillights design, i also lifted the bumper a little bit more, and added a sticker to the gas cap, it is the classic SS Camaro logo. The license plate is blank right now, i am designing a sticker for it right now, coming soonThis is still a work in progress, i will continue to refine the design

Thanks for checking it out, please support, share and have fun


Design changes

I have been spending time trying to update the design to make it more accurate to the real car

here is a list of new design changes

  • New front bumper
  • New rear bumper
  • Altered exhaust
  • Brand new grill design

here is a look at the new front, it now sits a bit higher off the ground, and is more curved to match real car

the new grill is more clean and looks betteri altered the shape of the rear of the car to be more rounded, giving it a more accurate shape

the profile is more lifted from the ground, like the real, my previous design was too close in the front, i also changed the back to be higher up than the front, to be the same as the real car

I hope you like the new design, please support, share, and have fun


More 3D

I have been rendering more views of the car, i think they turned out greatThe lighting and shadows give the car a more real feel and help give an idea of how it will look when built

(All images rendered using Bluerender)

I am very happy with the outcome of the design, i think it looks great

I also have an update to stats of the car

  • About 1250 pieces
  • 12.5"  length
  • about 4.5" width
  • about 4" tall

I hope you like my idea, please support, and don't forget to spread the word, thanks everyone



3D Images

I've started rendering my idea in 3D to give it a more real look, I used Bluerender to make this image.This is just a quick preview, i plan to add more 3D views of the car soon.

I hope you like my idea, please support, spread the word, and have fun, Thanks  


Alternate Convertible Build

Hey everyone, I wanted to show off more of the features possible with this idea, One big feature is to remove the top entirely and become a classic convertible. The idea would include separate pieces for the convertible setup.the side profile i think looks excellent, i was trying to get the design to be as accurate as possible to the real car




I also completely forget the gas cap was on the back between the taillights. I made the gas cap removable on the idea.(all images are made in the LDD)

I am really hoping everyone likes the idea, if you have any pointers on possible tweaks to the idea i am always willing to listen and make changes, I am working on getting all the pieces to make a real build, but it probably won't be done anytime soon. 

So thanks to you all, please support, share with friends, family, anyone you think would love to see this idea as a real LEGO set

Keep building, and have fun  


Customization and Playability

This is not the design for the car just a showcase of the how the car can be customized, many people like to modify designs and cars, this camaro can be easily modified and altered based on preference, I have made a quick customized version to display some possible modifications 

modified front bumper with splitter
custom tail lights and rear bumper with effectsnew custom hood, roof fin, rear spoiler, side port exhaust, new rims, and new body molding(All designs constructed in the LDD)

This design has a lot of playibility and can be modified by owners to personal preference

I want everyone to have fun with and not be limited to the original, you can have fun with all the possibilities 

I just wanted to share with you my special custom '67 Camaro SS, i hope you like it, please support, share with friends, and have fun building


Big update

Thanks everyone for your support, I have been working more on this idea as well as a few others, i will post those soon. Back to the Camaro, i have altered the hood designit is now more smooth to give a more sleek profile.


I also wanted to show everyone the camaro in various colors as examples, This gives potential buyers a choice of colors for the carThis is the red color scheme, for those who prefer red

I also have it in yellowThese are just examples of color variety, which the car could even be made in white, green, etc.

Not only exterior colors can be modified the interior can be made in black, grey, black with racing stripe(matches exterior color), the dashboard can be made to resemble wood as well

This displays the grey interior, also the seats can recline back very far, (i removed the roof to display this)The dashboard in brown to resemble wood.

(This was all made in LDD, i want to build a real model but as of yet have been unable to acquire all the pieces)

Thanks for checking out this update, please support, spread the word, keep building everyone.


Update 2

I modified the side panels to make the car a little more accurate and realistic. The front section was to difficult to change so i left it the same, i will try to update the look the best I can. I forgot to mention in my last update that the silver grill lines would be stickers.  

I hope you like my updated design,please support it if you want to see it as a real design 

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