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Nyhavn - Copenhagen, Denmark


Thank you!

As we're coming to an end of this project, I actually just want to make one last update, where I thank all of you who have supported me throughout the process - so thank you so much! I had never in my wildest dream imagined that I would first of all get 10k supporters, but also that I would get so much amazing feedback. It's amazing how throughout this journey I have gone from keeping it a secret how great a LEGO enthusiast I am, to almost telling everyone about it. All the love and support that you guys have shown me has made me rest much more in myself as a LEGO fan, so thank you for that too!

I am completely overwhelmed that we are here so close to the goal, and it makes me think back to how a fun and challenging time it has been ever since I uploaded Nyhavn. Not only have I achieved my goal on LEGO Ideas, I have also won the LEGO Master Denmark fan competition, been contacted by the caster for LEGO Master Denmark seasons 1 and 2, been called up by journalists, contacted by newspapers and the list goes on. I´m absolutely overwhelmed that one of my little hobby projects is getting so much recognition and publicity.

Now there is only hope left that LEGO also sees as much potential in Nyhavn as thousands of you have done, and hopefully we can see Nyhavn on the shelves of the local toy store soon. It would be a dream come true, indeed.

And P.S., I think this is the first image of Nyhavn build in physical bricks I´m sharing with you – enjoy.

Peace out


Behind the scenes and exclusive content! Follow me on insta: LegoByMats

Hey everybody. I hope you guys are doing good taken the situation into consideration.

The project is progressing easily, where I focus on things like optimizing the number of bricks and stability of the construction.

I've created an instagram where I share exclusive content (animations and so on), and sneak peaks for my future projects will be uploaded there first. So smash the follow-button on my profile LegoByMats if you like ;)

Peace out


4.000 supporters! You guys are insane! :-)

Thank you so much everybody! We just hit another milestone - 4.000 supporters! I'm speechless.. Thank you so much! Here's a little mood picture from the lovely Nyhavn in Copenhagen, Denmark :-) 



OMG, you guys rock!

Yesterday we made it to 2k - it's 20% of our goal! I actually just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported the project, shared it or just visited the site. It really means a lot to me, so thank you

Me right now 😉


It’s time for another update!

Hey everybody

Long time, no see – but I’m back. 

I've gotten a lot of questions from people on my social medias about how the project is progressing. Many people have not uploaded to LEGO IDEAS before, so now you’ll all get a little insider information plus tips and tricks.

This is the first time that I’m uploading to LEGO IDEAS and I’ve already learned a lot along the way, which of course I would like to share with you.

One of the most important tools is that you can follow the number of new supporters per day. It is a really powerful tool that will be our starting point.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not the best at LEGO IDEAS and what works for me may not work for you - however, I hope you find this little post interesting.

Let's get into it. If you take a look at the picture beneath, you’ll see the “support by day”-diagram.


#1 – Feb 8

Accepted by the LEGO IDEAS team, and I made my first post on 2 LEGO FB-groups.


#2 – Feb 14

I thought the supporters would continue coming at the same amount, but as the graph was going down sharply, I made some more posts on other LEGO FB-groups.


#3 – Feb 17

At here I found out that promotion on social media was the way forward, but unfortunately I made too many posts in a little too short time, and my FB profile was limited for 7 days. Huge downturn and it really costed me supporters every day. So promotion is good, but keep it to a minimum, otherwise people will just get tired of you too.


#4 – Feb 20

Picked as “staff pick” – the graph talks for itself.


#5 – Feb 23

I made my first update on the project. I don't know why it worked so well, but people obviously liked my improvements on the project.


#6 – Feb 29

I've been posting a few posts on FB, Flickr and other social media on a regular basis, but again, I made too many posts on FB too fast. Keep it on a minimum – best advice.


#7 – Mar 2

We reach 1.000 supports, and I made another update. The updates obviously bring attention to the project which is rewarding.


#8 – Mar 9

I made a post on my own FB where I reached out to friends and family.


#9 – Mar 15 (today)

New update – you are reading it ;)


So my best 2 advices:

  • Promotion is good, too much promotion isn’t. You will end up getting kicked out of groups, FB will limit you and people will get tired of you. Only one thing has happened to me yet, but keep it in mind.
  • Make updates on your project. People who support you, they want to see your progress.

Let me know what you think of the update, whether you want more of this kind or not. Otherwise, I'm working on some improvements to the project which will be uploaded in a week or two. Peace out, folks



1000 supporters! Thank you!

Finally we reached 1000 supporters and wow I’m honored for the great feedback you’ve given. I hadn't expected such a big support from all of you guys, and even though there’s a long way to the 10.000 supporters, I believe in it! And again: thank you so much, you guys rock


A ship has been added!

Long time no see!

This update contains a few overall improvements but also a long awaited ship - the Danish lightship from Nyhavn canal!

The set now measures 60x18 studs and contains 2404 parts.

Let me hear, what you think :-)