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Magic Moving Maze



Hello Everyone,

The first part of this update is soooo smooootthhhh, don't you think?

The second part is a teaser: I am creating rules to use your maze for:
1, capture the flag
2, pacman
3, space invaders


4th update!

Wow, fourth update already. I never thought it would be so much fun to work together with all the people who commented on my project to improve it so much!

For today I made a stop-motion for you so you can see a slide in action as requested.
Also, I made the top of the bricks smooth with tiles.

Enjoy and please let me know in the comments what you think, a stud or smooth surface?


magic moving maze: the video

Hello Guys,

There was a request about a video so I made one. In a few days I'll post it on the frontpage but for now as an update. I made this based on a suggestion in the comments so keep 'em coming!


We want colour!

Hello wonderful people! how amazing that this project has received 57 supports in just a few days, thank you so much! To give you some value for your time, here is another update:

I received a comment about the maze concerning it's colour and being a bit dull grey... (actually it's light bluish grey but ok, no matter)
Franky it was much more colored at first before I decided it should be more grey and castle-like. You asked for it and here it is: the original "sand and brick" maze!

How about that? Please let me know in the comments what you think, are you on team go-grey-castle or are you more of a sand/brick kind of person? Which feel do you want to see more of?

In the next update picture I made a rendering from the top so you can see the way through the maze a bit more clearly. Keep in mind that the 6x6 plates in a line from the white 1x4 tile can slide if you so choose.

Can you see a way from the Red start point at the right bottom to the bag'o gold which is 2 tiles up?
(small hint: first use the extra tile, slide and then move...)

Last update is another picture where I challenge you to use the secret passageway, can you find it?
Yes you can walk around it to the golden key but where is the fun in that? Happy hunting...


different corner bricks = more space

hello everyone, thanx to the support in a few days I thought I would post 2 minor updates:

First I swapped the 2x2 round bricks for 2x2 round corner bricks 'the macaroni'. I think this gives the players much more maze, more room. Another argument for doing this is, is that you see less studs when viewing the maze from above and it looks more relaxed, less crowded. The physical bricks are ordered and I will post pictures of the real maze as soon as possible.

The second update involves the picture below: secret passageways! I removed some bricks to show you how simple it works. Ending your turn on this plate you can choose to use the passageway and appear on the other side, on another plate. (possible only if that plate has an opening instead of a wall on that side...)

There we have it; who wouldn't want more space, a relaxed more open look and a few secret passageways? I know I would...

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