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Magic Moving Maze


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Hello Everyone, thank you for viewing my first project, so excited! I created this set myself and it is based on the children's game the "magic moving labyrinth" or "Het Bewegend Labyrinth" as we call it in the Netherlands. My model is a 3d version of the existing game; the standard edition. That game also has different theme-editions and I am already looking forward to making an expansion-kit to modify this standard edition to a themed one in the future.

While playing the original game with my kids, I thought, why is this a cardboard -and mostly- flat maze to get lost in... The pawns can see everything all around them... So come on, let's build a 3d version, after all, who wouldn't want their own maze to really get lost in? I created the base myself and had a bit of input from my kids, for instance the castle-vibe and how high the walls should be. After that, we puzzled which LEGO pieces and animals fitted the original cards best and wouldn't be too difficult to identify in LEGO. First I made an original colored one, after that I decided to try a castle-grey feel. Now you can see, as I learned from some comments, that colour is back. Let me know which version u think is better!

If you do not know the original game, here is a quick walkthrough:
2-4 players can get lost in the maze, searching for treasures.
These treasures are displayed on cards. Each player gets 5 cards and needs to collect these treasures somewhere in the maze to win the game.
Per turn, a player needs to perform 2 actions:
1: Slide! Take the extra maze plate and slide it in the maze from any side, where you see a white LEGO tile. You can do this to create a (bit of a) pathway through the maze for yourself, or perhaps to block another player.
2: Move as far as you want and try to reach your treasure.

Once again, in the real game: the treasures are printed on cardboard cards... In this LEGO version you can really take the treasure out of the maze and, like a hungry dragon, start to build your treasure hoard!

Unlike cardboard cards, LEGO 6x6 plates with some bricks weigh a bit more. So how do we store this game? Easy! The board itself has studs on the side and in some of the pictures you can see loose tiles on the side. These tiles can be placed on all sides and then the movable plates and tricks cannot fall out during transport or storage.

I honestly believe this can be a great LEGO set because it gives you a wonderful 3d game to play with, using only 1000 pieces. Not to mention that creepy realistic maze feeling it comes with! (Was that vine stretching out to me just now? Run!) Like all LEGO games, how wonderful would it be to use your own pieces to create your unique maze for your own fun to play?

Most pictures are renderings from a digital building programme, but the last one is the actual set I have already built! (just version 1,0 as I am still making small cosmetic changes.) There you can see all the plates in place and I am busy sliding a plate in, so on the other side, a plate will falll out and the layout has changed, so cool!

Also: on a 48x48 baseplate, this is a massive boardgame, demanding the centre of the table and it looks really inviting for you and your friends to start playing.

Thank you so much for reading this and with your support I will add more pictures, LEGO treasure-cards, suggestions for pawns and themes, please tell your friends to support and get this project forward?

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