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Traveling Merchant


Come, fellow traveller, come! I have everything you need. Want a carrot? Here it is! Maybe some apples? I got those too. I... what? You want to know what this big orange ball is eeh? Well, I call it a "pumpkin". Pretty delicious fruit if you ask me. People will discover it maybe in 300 or 400 years, but you can get one here and now... for the right price.

Set features
  • merchant's cart full of groceries and various plants
  • has some basic equipment for a beginning adventurer too
  • simple mechanism in the roof section to release hidden helmet
  • 3 minifigures: merchant, peasant woman and a thief
  • items as goods and coin chest put on jumper plates for easy removal
  • around 540 pieces

I like to build small. First, I tried to build a traveling mage cart, but after a while this one came out instead, a medieval version of a Lego City food truck :P

All custom minifigure prints and stickers were designed, drawn and applied by me.

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