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Space Blast Swing Ride

This design is of a popular theme park/fun fair staple: a swing ride! The riders sit in playground swing like seats and the ride begins to spin quickly picking up speed. The G force created causes rider's swing to 'swing' outwards reaching almost horizontal angles. The ride is a lot of fun for all ages, though I wouldn't recommend riding if raining.
My design is themed on space with pieces representing stars and blue tiles with prints and stickers of space walking astronauts and distant planets. On top is a rocket ship build with two astronauts on a space walk. I chose a space theme as the seats raise up as they go out as if taking off into space.

I decided to design this set because this is one of my favourite rides at a theme park and thought it would be awesome to see in LEGO. I think it would make a great set as it doesn't involve to complex building design but does have some cool play features.

It includes 7 figures: a man with a camera, a man with a baby bottle and park ticket, a young boy with an ice cream, a young girl with a hot dog, a woman with a backpack and park map, a woman with a phone and a park attendant with a measuring stick.

It also includes a baby in a push-chair.

The main build features 16 seats, a queuing area, a height chart, an operating booth with operating consoles, and hill concealing the parts that allow the ride to spin. Also is an attachable crank which can be removed for display purposes or attached to really build up speed.

All I ask is that you support this set so this project can really 'take off'.

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