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Prince: The Symbol of Musicology 3-in-1 Set - Wall Art, Concert Stage, and Iconic Guitar


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Stepping out of your screen and into your living room

After watching Prince's legendary solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps (during his 2004 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction) for about the thousandth time, I couldn't resist. A Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame outfit for Prince will be added in the next full update to the set.

Also, in honor of Prince's final live performances five years ago, I rendered this image using his Piano & A Microphone Tour set-up:

Both renditions of Prince will be possible using the pieces provided.


Building videos, updated details, minifigures, and more...

JUST ADDED: Minifigure details, a cleaner curve, fewer studs on top, and more minor upgrades. Check out these building videos to see them in action. (Please note: minor cosmetic updates have been made to the wall art and stage since this video, which can be seen in the main project images; new building videos will be added with the next update.)



ICONIC SYMBOL GUITAR: (Picks not shown in video)


800 New Funk

Model updates and updated minifigures with faces coming once we hit 800 supporters!


The Road to 777 (9311)

Prince loved the number 7. He had songs titled 7, Seven, 7 Hours, 17 Days, 77 Beverly Park, 77 Bleeker St., and 777-9311 (made famous by The Time). And in 2007, Prince played three shows in the same day in his home town of Minneapolis - on 07/07/07.

We just passed 700 supporters - so who'll be supporter 777? Will it be you?

Watch for minifigure face additions soon, as well as a new instrument for the band and some other new model details!

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