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Prince: The Symbol of Musicology 3-in-1 Set - Wall Art, Concert Stage, and Iconic Guitar


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Prince. Innovator, cultural icon, and uncompromising pioneer of musical freedom and creativity, Prince sold over 100 million albums worldwide in his 39-year career. Perhaps no single person defines music as much as this first-ballot Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Incomparable singer and multi-instrumentalist in the studio, the phrase "produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince" appeared on 39 ground-breaking albums during his lifetime, including Purple Rain, 1999, Diamonds And Pearls, Musicology and many more. At the same time, he contributed songwriting and musical performances - often uncredited - to dozens of albums by other artists. But Prince was also a live act like no other. With bands including the Revolution, the New Power Generation, and 3rdEyeGirl, Prince toured worldwide from 1979-2016, playing intense high energy arena shows, often followed by lengthy spontaneous small club 'aftershows.'

Ever an uncompromising visionary, Prince used an unpronounceable symbol as an album title in 1992 before taking it as his own name from 1993-2000. The symbol became as synonymous with Prince as the swoosh is with Nike. A Prince symbol LEGO set will allow fans around the world to honor the music and legacy of Prince while finding inspiration and drive for their own creative passions.

This set represents three forms of Prince's symbol, affording a multitude of display and play opportunities:

  1. Wall Art. Using the new LEGO Art hanging system, Prince's symbol makes the perfect conversation piece on the wall of any living room, office, or music space. Let Prince's music and creative freedom inspire you on a daily basis in whatever you are building in your life. This 16.4" x 14.1" model includes 654 pieces.
  2. Concert Stage. For his legendary Super Bowl XVI Half-Time Show in 2007, Prince performed on a stage in the shape of his symbol for the first time, before using the same stage design over the next several years - often using a gold stage, as on his record-breaking sold-out 21 Nights in London residency at the O2 Arena, the Welcome 2 America and Welcome 2 Australia tours, and his 21 Nights in Los Angeles residency. The set includes a full live line-up based on various eras of his New Power Generation band - including Prince in his trademark purple.* Also included are some stage props and anachronistic additions that provide fun nods to his full career - including a crystal ball, from his 1987 Sign O' The Times tour, and a dove symbolizing his #1 song When Doves Cry. Included with the purple piano, which Prince used for DJ-like 'sampler sets,' and which also represents his final one-man Piano & A Microphone Tour, is a tile printed with the phrase "2 many hits" - a phrase concert-goers heard Prince say almost every night. A variety of Prince's many guitars and other instruments are also included in this 16.4" x 14.1" 948-piece model.
  3. Symbol Guitar. Built by luthier Jerry Auerswald in 1993, the symbol guitar turned Prince's iconic name into the instrument he used the most. Also built in white and black versions, as well as in his trademark purple (an instrument he named "Habibi"), the gold version represented here is the only one to survive Prince's climactic guitar-flips as he threw the instrument to his guitar technician at the end of a show-stopping solo. The gold symbol guitar is now on display in Prince's musical home turned inspirational museum, Paisley Park Studios, in Chanhassen, Minnesota. This 19" x 14.1" 870-piece LEGO recreation is a perfect piece to display or to hold and 'play' using the variety of printed guitar picks as you listen to Prince's vast catalogue.

The symbol is synonymous with Prince and his inspiration of others. Get inspired to find your own muse and explore your own creativity with the Prince Symbol 3-in-1 set! After all, what could better symbolize music in a LEGO form?

*Please note that Prince's hair and clothing styles changed regularly, and there are several iconic looks that could be used in this set, including the Afro hairstyle that bookended his career; additional hairpieces and/or torsos could be included in the set to represent different eras.

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