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Medieval Seaside Market


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Welcome to Willport! ...the Medieval Seaside Market!
:: The Build ::
The build consists of a seaside castle with a whole market and port inside it. It is arranged in such way so that the focal point is actually the rear of the castle, and not the gate as it usually is. The main goal was to build a castle with a bit more life to it, and also make it playable. The whole project is 2907 pieces (with minifigs included).

  • The main tower. The main keep and gatehouse to the castle can be split to access the interior. There you will find the harbourmaster’s office in the upper floor, and the loading/unloading area at ground level.
  • Dock and Ship. A fishermen ship built out of regular bricks.
  • Market area. Includes few stands featuring different characters trying to sell their products, a blacksmith, a baker, a farmer and an eastern merchant selling interesting goods.
  • Lighthouse tower. The tallest tower of the castle has a big torch to guide ships on the sea towards the port. Walls can be open to place archers behind the arrow slits in order to defend the castle.
  • Small towers. They serve the purpose of defending the castle walls and also inspecting the ships as they get closer. They both have hatch doors to access them from the walls through a ladder inside the tower.

:: The Minifigs ::
The set includes a total of 13 minifigs. It may be a bit crowded but hey! it's a marketplace after all!

- Lord harbourmaster, William Stallion.
- The garrison: an archer, a crossbowman, a swordsman, 2 guards with spears.
- The sellers: the blacksmith, the baker, the eastern merchant, farmer peasant, 2 fishermen
- A client, guy in blue
:: The Product Idea ::
The main strength of this idea resides, in my opinion, on the way it stretches across several sub-themes. Despite of being a Castle at its core, it is also a port which can be appealing to the Pirates fans out there and at the same time it's also a marketplace for those who enjoy the everyday life scenes more than the battling, conquering and raiding scenarios.
Another key aspect is that although LEGO has released several boats for the Castle theme (Sea Serpent, King's Oarsmen, Viking Voyager, etc), there has never been a port set where they all can dock and interact in a whole different way than the one that was presented in the Castle Theme sets. In a way this integrates with peoples collection and could easily make its way into AFOLs' medieval villages.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy the product idea!