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Fishing in Muddy Waters

This was a real build I made in 2019 and it's among my best so I decided to share it here.

Of course that model is really, really tricky and can not be adapted 1:1.
I would really like to see what Lego designers would come up with making this a real set though. Some of the main ingredients are the amount of detail, the increased part usage and the intricated textures, the somewhat more realistic colour pallete and of course the basic layout.

So this would be aimed at adults as an expert display model. Usually Lego models - especially castle themed ones - are using as few parts as possible. This idea here is clearly not designed for playability, therefore I didn't add lots minifigures or an interior.

So what I propose here is a parts heavy display model with a clear emphasize is on it's visual appearance. Voting for it is a way to tell Lego that there are people who want some more detailled and more 'adult' sets.

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