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Bossk's Hound's Tooth ship from Star Wars


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Bossk is one of the more vile characters from the original Star Wars movies. You can find out more about him here: But basically he is the lizard bounty hunter hired by Vader to try and catch Han Solo.

Since Lego already has a minifigure of him, I figured why not go ahead and see if we can get his ship made into an official set as well. So here it is! Bossk's YV-666 Hound's Tooth.

The set is made up of 660 pieces, and includes figures of Bossk, a Wookie Prisoner, and the ship's R-7 Astromech Droid.

Some features:

-Command deck can be accessed by opening the roof.

-Lower deck can be accessed by opening both sides of the ship, and includes a prisoner cell, an armory (Bossk has lots of guns), a forward room, 'trophies' from unfortunate previous bounties, and a holographic display screen. I went with a purple color scheme inside because the only available pictures were from comic books, and that was the color. I also added some vines and swampy stuff growing on the walls, because the ship is described as having an awful smell, and Bossk is a lizard person after all.

-Laser cannons on each side, and 4 hidden concussion missile launchers in the bow of the ship.

-Detailed engine deck.

-Wings can tilt forward for more maneuverability.

I think this would make a fun set to display or have battles with the Millennium Falcon or Slave I. It is built to be sturdy and playable, but I also tried to make it as accurate as I could. If you like it, please Support, Share, and Comment so we can get to 10,000!


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