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Speedway Series


Speedway cars "The Tank" & "Sprintcar" are as close as I could get using the lego I had on hand, I would like to change the colour when it becomes a set.

I have a passion for motorsport and this particular motorsport is very popular here in New Zealand.

Speedway is a popular motorsport world wide. I think that having a lego speedway edition would be fantastic. Once the first set is popular then there is endless opportunities within speedway alone with the amount of different race classes, bikes, pit vehicles and transporters. Speedway has millions of followers around the globe and I think that having a speedway edition would put smiles on a lot of kids and adults faces. The beauty with speedway or dirt track racing is that it is very family orientated with lots of different classes and unlike other motorsports there are classes to suit all budgets. There are even kids classes.


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