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Cipher Machine


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Create secret messages for your friends and family to decode!

Cipher Machine is a fun mechanical encryption device that uses a carefully designed substitution cipher, allowing the encoding of any message and then converting it back to the original message later.

The left wheel is always the input, and the right wheel is always the output, so you always read left to right whether you are encoding or decoding. Encoding and decoding are equally as fast, because you only ever search for letters on the alphabetically ordered left wheel.

In ENCODE mode the wheels are lined up so that inputting clear-text on the left wheel reveals the cipher-text on the right wheel.

For example entering HI~THERE on the left becomes YFRIYCNC on the right. This is the secret message you can send!

Switching to DECODE mode spins the wheels to be 180 degrees out of phase. Due to the special cipher code, this makes the left wheel the cipher-text input (still searchable in alphabetic order), and the right wheel the clear-text output.

So now entering YFRIYCNC on the left outputs HI~THERE on the right!

The cipher wheel is easily detachable so there can be different wheels with different codes (there are a huge number of potential cipher codes). You could send a 'red' message, a 'green' message or a 'blue' message and the recipient would need to know that information before successfully decoding.

The machine measures 13cm x 13cm x 15cm high, comprises 340 pieces and uses 12 stickers for the lettering. There would be 4 extra stickers for each additional coding wheel.

Have a look at the video below to see Cipher Machine in action.

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