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Can You Help Me Out With Social Media?!

I've realized that with most of my projects, I get a lot of supports on the first day - around twenty - and a bunch of really encouraging comments. But then within a couple days I'm down to only a support every other day. How does this happen? I have a theory.

I think it's because of my complete lack of social media. The only way people see my projects is through LEGO Ideas, and because of this I get a bunch of supports on the first day, because people like checking the most recent Ideas, (I know I do) but as the days pass, less and less people see it because it's a few days old. People really have to dig through the Ideas to find it.

But if there were another way to see my LEGO Ideas, like through social media, more people could find them, and they could get adequate attention. That's where you come in. If you really like this LEGO Idea, (and you probably do if you're reading this update) could you help out a fellow LEGO fan and maybe post something about this on social media? If you could that would be AMAZING and super helpful!!

Sincerely, TheMemeLord1

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