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Monster Truck Mk II


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Behold the epic monster truck! (Mark two)
This is very similar to the other LEGO monster truck I submitted a few weeks ago. The features that were in that model and stay in this one include working suspension, turning wheels, a cab that can fit two people and an easy to open roof.
This newer model, however, has enough important differences to make me decide to submit this as an entirely new set. The monster truck now has two large exhaust pipes like semi trucks do, and has teeth, to make it more of a "monster" truck. There is also two circular pieces that sort of look like nostrils, again enforcing the "monster" part of monster truck. There are also chains running from the front to the exhaust pipes, and the rims are more detailed than the original model.
Of course, one of the most important differences is that now there is a large baseplate. On this is a ramp wide enough for the monster truck's wheels, and a ring of fire that the monster truck can jump through. After the ring of fire is an old car that the truck can jump over or on.
One of the coolest features of the base (in my opinion) is that you can use two long clear pieces to pose the monster truck in the air as it jumps through the ring of fire.

This model consists of approximately 600-800 pieces (I'm not really good at guessing these things). The base is 36 studs long and 16 studs wide. The truck is over 10 studs wide and 22 studs long.

Please support this if you want to see it populate LEGO stores and also possibly populate your own shelves and desks!

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