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Feroce Smogg-09 multitask carrier ship

Smogg is the new ship from Talebuilder and Hishimitsu Industries corp. . This multitask vertical lander ship is both a great defender with heavy weaponry and a very powerfull carrier. This is not a coincidence if its shape reminds the one of a dragon.

Have a look at the pics and please provide feedback about what you like and what could be missing from this project.

Smogg-09 has 2 cockpits, the front cokpit dedicated to piloting tasks ant attack weaponry and the back cockpit wich actually is at the middle, wich is toward the load elevator and handeler.

Giant turbines provide both high speed and heavy loads capabilities.

Entrance to the secondary cockpit opens from the top of the ship.

Here are 2 examples of what Smogg is used to carrying. These 2 Scouts have retractable wings / turbines for optimal shaing when carried.

Smogg-09 + Globule Scout ready for take off

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