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Stilt House



To play, or to display, that is the question!

With a lot of details all around, two Minifigures and a little boat the Stilt House is a very playable set, and funny to build for sure.
But you can also display it to show your friends proudly.
It's up to you what to do! And why not play and show it at the same time?



Stilt House: behind the scenes

While the Stilt House hit 8,000 supports on LEGO IDEAS it’s time to show you as some extra shots of the MOC building process.
Follow Stilt House “step by step” building stages, scroll through the images and find out the secrets of my fishing diorama. Have fun!

1) The baseplate on which the stilt house stand is covered with dozens of 2X1 trans medium-blue tiles;

2) The unstable Stilt House is ready to be placed in its place;

3) The Stilt House is coupled to the base;

4) Final details are added;

5) The diorama is complete and ready for the photo session.



Bizarre dwelling

Did you know that my Stilt House is part of a series of bizarre houses I built in the past four years?
In the photos you can spot some of my strange houses, framed and hung on the wall as if they were landscape paintings.
The first one I built was Sheriff Hopper's cabin, from Stranger Things TV series, and the last one the Stilt House. You probably recognize the A-Frame Cabin which became an official LEGO IDEAS set just this year.

Meanwhile the Stilt House hit 7,000 supports, thank you all!


6.000 THANKS! Special May the 4th UPDATE #5

From the Yellow Castle to the A-Frame Cabin: it was a long way🎯!

Some things never change like our passion for LEGO bricks. This year I made my dream come true with the A-Frame Cabin becoming an official LEGO IDEAS set and I want to take a step back in time by remembering the 1980 birthday when I received the iconic Yellow Castle. 43 years separate these two photos but the desire to create and have fun remains the same!

A few hours ago the Stilt House hit 6.000 supports, thanks to all of you!

May the 4th be with you!
Happy Star Wars Day🚀!



We are halfway there!

A few hours ago we reached 5.000 supports, thanks to all of you!
For the occasion I experimented with the art of drawing, I made a sketch of the Stilt House. Unfortunately I'm not very good at drawing...anyway, keep following the Stilt House journey and have fun!



Stilt House: the missing link?

From the Old Fishing Store to the very recent A-Frame Cabin, the LEGO IDEAS line-up includes a wide range of particular buildings. The only dwelling missing is the Stilt House.

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below my latest project.



Stilt House: a step back to the origins of humanity

Stilt Houses are a common architectural element in tropical architecture, especially in Southeast Asia and South America, but can be found worldwide. Stilts also have a large prominence in Oceania and Europe as well as the Arctic, where the stilts elevate houses above the permafrost.
Stilt houses have been used for millennia, with evidence in the European Alps that stilt houses were constructed on a lake over 6000 years ago and Herodotus making reference to stilt housing on lakes in Paeonia.
Settlements primarily composed of stilt housing are common in Micronesia and in Oceania.
Stilt homes in South America date back to Pre-Columbian times, with early explorers such as Vespucci noting the houses built on stilts by the local people whilst exploring.
Stilts were utilized by Inuit inhabiting the Bering Strait and Western Alaska, with stilts used to create level terraces for the community inhabiting Ugiuvak, also known as King Island. (source: Wikipedia)

We can consider the Stilt Houses among the oldest and most widespread dwellings used by humans in their millennial history.
The Stilt House cannot be missing from the line-up of LEGO sets!

Stilt Houses prehistoric cave engravings

Reconstruction of the prehistoric settlement in Northern Italy

Reconstruction of the prehistoric settlement in Northern Greece



Did you know...

that my Stilt House is a successful blend of two of my previous creations? In fact, you can recognize elements and details from my Theo's Trabuchet Fishing Hut (built in 2021) and the very recent Outpost with Outhouse.
Take a look at the images below and have fun finding the differences and similarities between the three cute dioramas.
Thanks for your support!

Cute outpost with cute outhouse (2023)

Theo's Trabuchet fishing hut (2021)

Stilt House (2023)

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