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Beach Box - Shipping Container Home

Beach Box - Shipping Container Home

My previous project was also a container house, for which the idea came from a video. That time, I liked it so much, that I was watching several similar videos. There are many possibilities in such a project, so I made my second container house. 

This time, a real life house was giving the base of the idea, or better to say more houses. I tried to copy a few things, while I wanted to bring something unique in it. So the idea was, not place it in a hillside, but to place it on a beach. Which then became, it could be a home for surfers. In the beginning, the whole building was supposed to be grey, but I was thinking that it would not be suitable for two extravagant surfers, so I recoloured the outer cover.

In the house, there is a kitchen, living room, bedroom, a small table, bathroom and two terraces.  On the beach, there is a pier, and a fireplace next to the house, where maybe marshmallows could be toasted. Of course, this time there are also some solar panels placed on the roof. 

I think a real set could be done from this, because this can be placed excellently to a small sea sided city. In addition, the whole world's demands for this kind of container houses are growing, and people accept them more and more.

What you can find in the house:
Living room (couch, bed, TV)
Small terrace
Small garden with flowers
Solar panels

Consisting of 2010 pieces
Studs: width 72.6, length 43, height 23
Width: 58 cm / 22.9 inches
Length: 34.4 cm / 13.5 inches
Height: 18.4 cm / 7.2 inches

Thank you for supporting my idea, and that you allow me to make my aim real, to making a set of this.

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