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Batman- The Wayne Project


The Story

Hello everyone! I was looking at the lineup of set I have planned for release when I said "Wow! These are going to look totally incoherent if I don't tell the story connecting the dots!" Is it a Batman story? Yes! Is it a good story? Well... I'll let you decide. Note that the locations and events being turned into set look like this Batcave, etc.

July 3, 2016- Bruce Wayne checks out of Arkham Asylum, which he was previously staying to receive treatment for his suppressed trauma and anger by a doctor Harley Quinzel. Confident he no longer needs the Batman, Bruce moves to Gotham City, confident he can now live out the rest of his days in peace.

October 7, 2016- After realizing he isn't accepted in the social mainstream, Bruce puts together an all-new Batcave against the wishes of his friend Alfred Pennyworth. Soon after putting it together, Bruce receives a visit from the owner of the asylum, Henri Ducard, who requires Bruce's help in finding an escaped patient known as Jack Jones. Bruce agrees, and prepares to emerge as the Batman once more.

October 9, 2016- Using his newly upgraded Batmobile, Batman rides off to investigate a crime scene where a citizen was recently reported missing. By analyzing clues, interrogating thugs, and asking question to civilians, Batman managed to piece together the victim was his old Physiatrist, Harley Quinzel. Batman then travels on foot to a nearby garage dump. There, among the rubble is an abandon Semi Truck where Batman faces off with a raggedy and vengeful Scarecrow. With the help of his sticky-bomb gun, Batman brings down the Scarecrow's Biplane. Not far from there is Penguin's Hideout where Batman fights off the Penguin's thugs before demanding answers from the corned crime boss himself. Before Batman can get answer, a nearby gunman shoots the Penguin (NOT SHOWN) and runs off into the night.

October 12, 2016- After analyzing the clues left at the scene of Penguin's Hideout, Batman manages to track down the assassin as a killer named Deathstroke, with a hideout in Gotham Bay. Decking himself out in a new set of armor, Batman confronts Deathstroke at Gotham Bay, only to be met by Henri Ducard- also known as Ra's Al Ghul. Rha's explains that he is the head of a Gotham's crime world and the escaped patient, Jack Jones, threatens to wipe out the criminal empire he loved so. When Batman refuses to help Rha's kill Jack, both Deathstroke and Rha's attack. But with the help of critical thinking, evasive combat maneuvers, and his trusty hand-held EMP Batman manages to knock Deathstroke into the bay and traps Rha's inside a shipping crate. Confident he has seen the last of his enemy, Batman sets out to begin the last leg of his journey- finding Jack Jones.

October 31, 2016- After the hectic task of tracking down Jack, Bruce prepares to take down the inmate once and for all. Donning a vintage suit and taking his highly maneuverable Arkham Bat Bruce finds the hideout on the abandon Gotham Boardwalk. There, he finds Jack, who has taken to calling himself the Joker alongside his newest sidekick Harley Quinn. Landing in front of the Joker, Batman tries to convince Jack to go back to Arkham and receives treatment. Just before Jack decides to comply, Rha's and his men show up. Enraged that Batman would rather save than kill the Joker, Rha's attacks. Batman quickly takes out the henchman making use of the Boardwalk's instability before moving on to defeat Rha's. In an epic three-way fight, Harley watches as the Joker, Batman, and Rha's duke it out among the ruins, before Batman finnaly manages to bring them down using the Arkham Bat. As Rha's tries to land a killing blow on Batman's neck, the Joker suddenly steps in the way, causing the blow to instead land on his own skull and render him unconscious. Batman takes Rha's down once and for all with the help of Harley Quinn.

November 1, 2016- Batman watches as a medical truck whisks Jack away to Arkham for treatment. Against her wishes, Harley thanks Batman for brining her friend in rather than killing him. Batman acknowledges that he'll always be around to help and that the Batman will always be his new way of life, then glides off into the night.


The Wayne Project?

I could not WAIT to show you what, in my opinion, is my favorite part of my next set. Hope you all enjoy!

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