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Batman- The Wayne Project

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 Let's be honest, most of us past the age of ten don't really brag to the world about our Lego collection. Why? Because 99% of the lego catalog coming out nowadays can been solidly considered a toy. But what if lego sets could be something more than a toy? What if they could be known as a story instead? Enter The Wayne Project, a one-of-a-kind Batcave combining story elements from The Dark Knight and the so-so re-telling Dawn of Justice.  What makes the set so special? Because younger fans will enjoy it for it's playability and many functions/elements, and adults will appeal to it for it's intricate detail and design.

   The goal of this set to include a Batcave that, for all intents and purposes, could exist in real life. Perhaps the biggest challenge in keeping the realistic motif was designing the mingifures. I went with a blue and black design for Bruce's clothes to match his shadowy temperament. I went with the Frodo head for Bruce because I wanted an expression that would unite fear and hidden anger. An equal amount of detail went into the Alfred and Henri Ducard figure, along with every angle, crevice, curve, and even the legs for the table!

As you can tell, a LOT of detail when into EVERY aspect of this set. If you want to usher in a knew era of Lego sets, then please take a second to click the support button. This set is the first of a series, and if it goes over well then I would be more than happy to unveil the other ones, expanding on new characters and locations intent on reaching fans both young and old!

This set includes-

(1) Bruce Wayne.

(2) Alfred Pennyworth, complete with serving tray and drink.

(3) Henri Ducard/Rha's Al Ghul

(4) Batcomputer, complete with emergency battery on the back.

(5) Surveillance module on the top deck, connected to 2 security cameras.

(6) 3 batsuits (Power, BvS, Classic.) 

(7) Saw for sharpening dulled batarangs, which are stored on a sliding case.

(8) Shelves for potions.

(9) Case for storing a familiar-looking crystal.

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