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Karate Dojo

My Lego model is a recreation of one iconic scene that is the final scene of Karate Kid. That scene was so spectacular of Daniel LaRusso vs Johnny Lawrence, and this scene is also very relevant for the story of Cobra Kai, which is like the second part of Karate Kid. I built it because one day I was watching the movie of Karate Kid with my family and at the end of the movie I thought “wow, how cool would it be to have a model of Lego based on this scene” and that’s when I decided to do it immediately, because at least I would love having a Lego set based on one of my favourite movies.
I think it would be a great Lego set for the emotional meaning for the ones who watched this movie when they were kids, and for the younger ones, it would be cool having a Lego set based on the begging of the series Cobra Kai. It makes me feel so happy to wake up and see it on my shelf, like how I haven’t had this before?

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