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Galactic Diner - Classic 50's Diner


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The Galactic Diner is the go-to hangout spot with the best food in classic lego city. This model was inspired by my visits to diners with my grandparents as a child. The build includes 1067 pieces and 5 minifigures. It also includes a car that is reminiscent of the classic 50's Chevrolet Impala. On top of the diner is the spaceship inspired by the retro-futuristic art from that era. The interior of the diner provides a full cooking area and a bar to eat at and 2 booths. It also wouldn't be a classic diner without the addition of the jukebox!

This model can go along with any lego city collection and can be enjoyed by all ages with its simple build.

Please follow along and support the project!

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