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Orbiting Space Station



For those of you that are still following my second space station idea, I thought I'd share that my final space station idea has now been approved.  Using the module approach I have no created a full space station.  The station currently has six modules, a solar array, and antenna farm.  I think it best represents my idea.  The Idea can be found here: Orbital Space Station

If you like it as much as you liked this first one, please vote and share with others.  And again thank you for your support.


Laser Turret

Here the track-riding remote arm has been converted into a mobile lase turret.


Another Internal Configuration

One of the main ideas behind the set is that different pieces can be put together to make different things.  Here I've taken the general internal parts and changed them to create a lab complete with equipment and study table.  I took one of the tile pieces with a binoculars to create a microscope.  I also used one of the fork and stubs to create an adjustable lab light.  


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