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LEGO Olympics - Gymnastics Event

The Olympic LEGO idea makes perfect sense. it combines playability with education. This time I have made the Gymnastics event. This set features about the most playability of all my LEGO Olympics sets so far! Details of the different part of the model are below.

Here is the winners podium with the gymnasts doing various poses. It's a shame there aren't more tanned heads in LDD. Otherwise they wouldn't all look so similar.

Here is a trainee gymnast on the swing-bar thing. This has some of playability in itself but the next bit is a little extra.

Here is the springboard and crashmat. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it actually bounce but I don't thing it'll matter much.

I've made three small Olympic sets now and I might start on the bigger ones, such as the sprinting and the swimming. Thank you for viewing. Please check out my other projects if you like this one!

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