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Heartstopper Charlie's Room



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“There are friendships that become a family”.

Ops! I was caught by surprise! 😃 The number of supporters has grown so quickly that at 1.000 I hadn’t an update ready 😅 I’m sorry, Lego is an amazing passion, but I haven’t as many time as I’d like to.

Still I want to talk about friendship. For everybody friendship is important. For LGBT+ people often friends help when the fear of losing our family creates an obstacle to coming out.

Charlie has some amazing friends, they are sensitive and insightful, he can count on them and vice versa. They’re funny too! And they spend some light-hearted time… playing together with Monopoly, for example! In Charlie’s room obviously… a cuddly place for all of them ☺️ So I add the scene immediately before the Isaac “Oh, whoops” funny moment! 😄 Hope you will like it!

Thank you so much for your unbelievable support to the “Heartstopper Charlie’s room” project 💕 Thanks for talking about it with your friend, I’m so happy you like it! 😃
Next goal is 5.000! …aren’t you curious to see how the rear of the building is? 😏 So… see you here at 5.000 supporters! 🌈



If you like you can follow my projects:
  • Instagram: feacebricks
  • TikTok: heartstopperlego


“Maybe I’m an old soul trapped in a young body” (Orla Gartland).

Ok, so I think Lego in the past used to make yellow minifigures to indicate that skin colour didn't matter, and that we are all the same, all equal... In recent times, especially when it comes to reproducing really existing people or characters, it is correct to reproduce their skin colour faithfully, because humans are all different, with equal dignity, awesome, and this is wonderful .

So in this first update to say thanks to the first 100 supporters, I updated the skin colour of the minifigures, and improved their clothing to make it even more similar to that used in some episodes of the series (the biggest changes concern Elle, now dressed like at Charlie's birthday). Thanks for the tip.

If you like my project, please share with your friends! Thank you so much! Happy Pride month!



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