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Lunar Base

Greetings Earthlings!

In a not so distant future, humans have established a base on the Moon to prepare mankind for long-duration space expeditions to Mars.We follow the three astronauts Sarah, Cody and Jack who just arrived in the VTVL Rocket. They now have to report to the Command Module called "Denmark" before starting their individual tasks.

This LEGO concept includes:
- Rocket Launch/Landing Pad
- Command Module "Denmark" *
- Resources Facility "India"
- Physical & Systems Training Facility "America"
- Solar Power Plant

"Denmark" is where astronauts check in and report for duty. Here Base Commander, William, will monitor the progress of ongoing tasks and experiments.

"India" is the resource plant for the base. This is where food is grown in the large green house and oxygen and water is produced from hydrogen extraction from the raw materials of the Moon.

"America" is where the astronauts stays fit. Since the gravity on the Moon is 1/6 of that on Earth, it is important that the crews stay in shape! Experiments and systems training is also conducted in the facility. Furthermore it serves as a living area, during down-time.

*All modules have an airlock chamber, where crews can suit/de-suit for lunar conditions.

I hope this model will allow all of us to live out our biggest astronaut-dreams and inspire us all to reach for the stars and dream big! 

These modules are placed on four 48x48 base plates.
Brick Count: 2900

I hope you all find this model interesting! If you have any suggestion or constructive criticism feel free to let me know :-)

Best regards
Ken J.