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Space Capsule with Orbital Workshop


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     This is a LEGO capsule that is loosely based off of SpaceX's Dragon Capsule. I built this using my collection (minus the SM, docking port, and orbital workshop) but it wasn't very good, so when I got LDD I re-built it so it looked better and in the process I added an SM (Service Module, the thing that blew up on Apollo 13, not to worry, SMs are not a bad thing), a docking port, and an orbital workshop.
     The capsule includes 3 minifigs, 3 seats, no data screens yet (I'll try to get it updated soon), and a docking port.
     The SM is relatively simple, and includes 5 propulsion engines and 4 thruster arrays.
     The orbital workshop includes 3 seats, 3 data screens (I haven't figured out how to decorate pieces other than minifigures in LDD, let me know how in the comments if you know) , 3 folding beds, an airlock, and a set of tools.
     I think that this would be a great set for all ages, and if you think so too, then it might be a good idea to hit the blue support button at the top. (Don't worry, its not that scary.)

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