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The Golden Girls House

“Picture it! Sicily 1922….” 

Welcome to Miami, where it’s so nice, I’ll say it thrice! Celebrate The Goldens Girls with this one of kind house replica. The house features the most prominent rooms that we know and love; from the kitchen where countless cheesecakes and late night zingers were shared, to the living room where sass and smiles flew likes Stan’s toupee down Biscayne Blvd. Even the front porch and lanai are included, complete with palm trees and brightly colored flowers! The set also comes with 5 minfigures; all 4 of the girls and of course our man Stan! 

I have been a true Golden Girls lover since my age was still in the single digits lol. My goal was to try and recreate this iconic set while keeping it as similar to the original layout as possible. All of iconic design and even items are included such as the cheesecake, Sophia’s famous purse, and even the vase shot by Rose but Blanche wished she shot Lester instead! 

Your vote of support would mean the world to me as I would love for everyone to be able  to share in the joy and laughter that is The Golden Girls! 

As always…”Thank you for being a friend!” 

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