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Just about to reach 10,000... Making this update now, knowing how I'll be unable to do this after reaching 10k.

THANK YOU ANYONE who has supported this project, YOU ALL made this happen!! :D

For the celebration, here's one more piece of eye candy, another magnificent render image by Papacharly (if you haven't seen them already, scroll down to view the previous update with more his renders!):

Next we'll be having our fingers crossed that Titanic will be accepted into production in the Review phase.

There are so many factors which effect on the outcome, including things like whether LEGO will even be able to secure legal permission to produce a Titanic set. I wouldn't have any doubts concerning commercial potential of the concept!

One thing that could be perceived as a problematic issue is the rather long period of time this project has been gathering supports. However, this project made its last 3,000 supports during less than two months, which in my opinion proves something. Also the general speed has been quite good considering the fact this project (like also my DC-3 project) has not had the luxury of those insane supporting boosts coming from outside the actual LEGO fan community, the type of help almost every other project which has ever reached 10k was blessed with. This project made it to 10k almost entirely with votes from true LEGO fans' visiting this website!

Another thing that could be seen problematic (I dunno, just guessing here :P) is having not just two but three different Titanic model designs presented, that is, having supporters divided between the three, possibly raising questions when the Ideas team is working on this in the Review.

My best defense is that there was nothing to lose at adding the 3rd - the smallest - version. Even though this project now reached 10k almost three weeks before deadline, it was quite obvious two months back that this will not make it to 10k in time otherwise, without the newest addition. After I presented the 3rd design in the update the supporting speed just exploded, went from the previous weekly 90-150 rate to around 330-350 per week (and during just this last week it's accelerated to a near-1,000). The dramatic increase probably points to the popularity of the newest and smallest version, however it might also be partially due to the new minifig idea which I presented alongside, and furthermore the update and the following increased traffic appeared to bring the whole project all-new attention, meaning many new supporters since the update have also focused their interest on either of the two bigger designs.

Moreover, after seeing how consistently LEGO tends to favor quite small and affordable concepts here around Ideas, I concluded that having a 3rd much more affordable alternative in the project isn't probably any greater risk than otherwise presenting 2 more expensive ones.

This project started with the biggest model only; I added the "medium scale" design at around 2,000 supports (give or take) and the final smallest version update at some 7,080 supports, then reaching 10k in some 50 days. Here's one comparison image with all three, without their respective display stands:

It'll be up to Ideas team to decide which one of the three presented designs should be preferred as a base for the final product (provided that no other obstacles to producing this concept will occur). Here's some of my own thoughts on each design:

- *My personal* favourite is the biggest version with around 4,000 pieces. All Cuusoo/Ideas sets produced so far have been nowhere near this scale (the reason why I felt it necessary to provide more affordable alternatives along the way), but it's still within the range of produced LEGO sets in general. And indeed, I'm sure that a 4-feet long Titanic would become one of the most famous and legendary sets LEGO has ever produced.

- The other extreme, the small 750-piece version, looks neat in its combination of compact size and still accurate looks, and would be the easiest to produce, although possibly somewhat disappointing to many of those who wished for a bigger model.

- The medium scale with around 1,250 pieces would be a pretty practical.. well, medium between the two extremes. Such a set wouldn't be nowhere near as expensive as the biggest model, but it would still be quite impressive by both size and details - the latter being of dramatically different level when compared to the smallest 750-piece version.

IF for some reason this Titanic project will not pass in the Review, I can NOT promise I will resubmit my Titanic project on Ideas. If I happened to do it in the end anyway, I would probably submit only the smallest OR only the medium version OR them both as separate individual projects (for the purpose of having an affordable concept from the start and no more supports dividing between different models within the same project). However, I'm getting awfully busy and it's quite possible I won't have the time to work on such new submissions nor tend them during the 12 months, not to mention the time to focus on promotion efforts. So right now I'm going with an assumption that THIS IS IT. Either we'll get an awesome LEGO Titanic set through this project & its pass in the Review, or we won't get this LEGO Titanic set at all. Let's hope for the best... :)


Special Titanic render images!

Feast your eyes on these awesome renders of my newest & smallest Titanic design!

FULL resolution:

Thanks & credits go to Skyrunner42 for the idea and Papacharly for the actual render work & the permission to present the images here and on my Flickr page!

Papacharly's Flickr page:

Anyone please see the previous update for MORE INFO about this newest Lego Titanic proposal design.


NEW Titanic design & please SUPPORT; the deadline is nearing!

NOTE: Click links to see images in their original resolution on my Flickr page!

ALL Lego sets produced via CUUSOO / Ideas so far have been somewhat affordable scale, and so I started seriously thinking of adding yet another alternative design, to further demonstrate another possible approach to the concept. So HERE it is...

For those of you wishing for iceberg... Well that would be too much... :-P Besides, anyone so willing can easily build their own iceberg - all you need is a decent pile of white bricks.

A LEGO Titanic set certainly can not be in minifigure scale, but seeing how LEGO company has included minifigs in many similar not-to-scale sets, we could indeed have some minifigures to come with the Titanic set as well!

Here's the comparison image updated with the addition of my newest Lego Titanic design, to demonstrate accuracy:

Whatever version the LEGO company would prefer as their base for an official set, I'm sure everyone agrees that


So please SUPPORT this project! And speaking of that...

At the moment of this update we've got around 7,100 supports and there's ONLY some TWO months left until deadline!

WE CAN MAKE IT! But only with YOUR help!!

Please support this project, and please spread the word, ask your friends, your family, WHOEVER, to come and support too! :-D