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The famous TITANIC would make a magnificent LEGO set! Although the anniversary passed already, the fame and legacy of Titanic is not going anywhere, and this LEGO set would help to keep her memory floating forever. :)

So here's my proposal for a LEGO Titanic set, a digital design made with MLCAD, most pictures rendered with LDView and POV-Ray.
Naturally I'd love to present an actual physical model instead of CAD work, but I don't have all the pieces to build it, and frankly some brick types used here in these colors are not available at all (not manufactured by LEGO so far).

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Windows are a dilemma. Scale is too small to use any existing pieces for windows (and bigger model would be way too big and expensive). I'm thinking of the following solutions for each version:

For the big one, using various combinations of only a few different printed brick types could allow detailed enough window patterns on the walls of upper decks.
LEGO has done it before with their ferry sets like this one: common bricks with window patterns printed on them.

As for the smaller version, stickers are the most likely option (large ones on both sides plus a few small ones here and there, like for the bridge for example).

Final set could also include many strings attached to the masts. Digital designing doesn't easily support such work, so I chose not to add any here.

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I worked hard to make both dimensions and details as accurate as humanly possible in this scale.
Below a comparison between my designs and the real thing. Not bad, huh?
The Titanic plan image is taken (with permission) from here.

Concerning the price of a set like this...
The rather common price-per-part ratio of $0.1 likely doesn't apply here, as bigger the set is, lower tends to be the PpP ratio. For instance,
3450 Statue of Liberty was $200 with 2882 pieces (PpP $0.069), and
10189 Taj Mahal was $300 with 5922 pieces (PpP $0.05).
With a PpP ratio of around $0.6, for example, the big Titanic with around 4,000 pieces could cost near $250.

As for the smaller version, perhaps a good set for comparison would be 10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner. That one was $80 with 1197 pieces. The smaller Titanic with around 1,300 pieces (display stand included) would probably cost more or less $95.

However, everyone please keep in mind that with every CUUSOO project the final design is up to LEGO, and the price is then determined by the production costs of the final product!

Regardless of such details, Titanic like this would be a great Lego set:

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So let us all support this idea, so that this model doesn't have to sink into oblivion but rather can sail safely to a harbour of every home! :D

See some more pictures of the big one from different angles:
Image #1
Image #2
Image #3
Image #4
Image #5

Two close-ups on the decks:
Image #1
Image #2

Like if you were walking on the deck:
Image #1
Image #2

Like if you were First Officer Murdoch on the bridge, though fortunately no iceberg right ahead here!
Image #1

And a few pics of the alternate smaller version:
Image #1
Image #2

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