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Kelp Forest


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Swaying beneath the stormy waves of the northern Pacific, there lies a beautiful and mysterious Kelp Forest waiting to be explored. Observe a Sunstar on the ocean floor, examine Barrel Sponges and Sea Anenomies on the ocean ridge, explore the Giant Pacific Octopus' cave, and more while discovering what else lives in these cold waters. Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of nature in this detailed Kelp Forest!

Why I built this set: I really enjoy nature, and when I was learning about sea life in and around kelp forests, I wanted to create something that captured a bit of the uniqueness of this beautiful ecosystem. Combining my interests in nature, LEGO building, and art, the end result was this creation.

After completing the Kelp Forest, I thought that perhaps other LEGO fans would also enjoy building this unique ecosystem. Besides it looking cool and having amazing detail, I think that it would make a good LEGO set because it's educational. It can show others what a kelp forest is like in the colder parts of the Pacific ocean, as well as what sort of unique sea life lives there.


For those who are interested...
This creation is based off the kelp forests and species along the Oregon coast and features: Kelp, a Sunstar, a Giant Pacific Octopus, Sharks, Rock Fish, Sea Stars, Crabs, Tube Sponges, Barrel Sponges, Seaweed, Feather Duster Tube Worms, a Green Eel, Clams, Jellyfish, and three types of Sea Anenomies.


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