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Japanese Courtyard Garden 坪庭

Bring Kyoto(京都) to your room bookshelf!

LEGO is an opportunity to learn about different cultures.
Some famous architectural structures I first learned about through other people's LEGO.
This time I used LEGO to express the culture I want to convey.

Traditional Japanese architecture has the spaces created in between various wings and adjacent structures lends itself to intimate gardens.
Several terms are used for these courtyard gardens, including “hakoniwa (箱庭)” and “tsuboniwa (坪庭)”.

The tsuboniwa is one small universe, and I thought it would be a perfect subject for lego's work.

Various things are arranged in the garden.

ishi dōrō (石灯篭):stone lantern
tobi ishi (飛び石):stepping stones
chōzubachi (手水鉢):water bowl
tsuri dōrō (吊り燈籠):hanging lantern
niwa ishi (庭石):garden stone
takegaki (竹垣):bamboo fence
niwa mon (庭門):garden gate
koke (苔):moss
chikurin (竹林):bamboo groves
engawa (縁側):porch
shōji (障子):paper sliding door

These elements work in harmony to create a world of “wabi-sabi”.

Looking into this garden, you will feel as if you are relaxing on the porch or strolling through the garden.
The final product was realized with 2,997 LEGO parts.

Designing LEGO products is my dream.
Furthermore, I wanted to create something that did not resemble any of LEGO's products.
So I would really appreciate your support!

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