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TIE Destroyer


More supports, YAY!

30 supporters! I would not have made it this far if it were not for awesome users on LEGO Ideas!

Everyone who is supporting, thank you!!



Over 25 supports!

It's been a while since anyone supported, by we made it to 26! Thank you for supporting!!



The title really explains this, it's a MASSIVE update.

First, new TIE fighter design.

More minifigures.

Now let me tell you about them!

This set now has the proper printed tie fighter top cap, along with proper TIE fighter printed window.

The minifigures are A new shadow trooper from new 2015 sets, a Imperial engineer, and an Imperial officer.

I changed up the wing design a bit, so it's kind of reversed.

Anyway, that seems to be it for this AWESOME update!



10 supporters!

I still can't believe I have 10 supports in a day! Thank you everyone who is supporting!