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TIE Destroyer


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This TIE Fighter, the TIE Destroyer, is NOT from official Canon or Expanded Universe (Legends).This TIE is just one that I came up with. Unfortunately, my bricks were limited while building, so on the inside of the build, there are bricks that are not the same color, and strange brick substitutes that made it more flimsy, delicate, and weak. 


But, that problem can be fixed by me updating the build and getting the bricks it needs. Aside from that little problem, the build is pretty stable. Unlike other TIE fighters, it has blaster cannons behind the wings. Now more about the set: this set comes with one TIE Destroyer and one Shadow storm trooper with a blaster rifle. This set comes with the Rogue Shadow's cockpit printing for its cockpit. This is also my first project, so please support!


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