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The Sutton Hoo Helmet


What's the Golden Snitch got to do with Sutton Hoo?

When you submit a LEGO Ideas suggestion, the rules clearly state that builds must be made from the current element catalogue. You can suggest new colours for elements, but physical builds must be made from the existing list.

This is why my suggestion has brown/tan eyebrow pieces and why I say that WHEN we reach the magic 10,000 supporters, I would suggest LEGO make those in gold. . .

. . . And then as if by magic (Oculus Reparo! 👓) LEGO go and make said eyebrows pieces (18969 – Panel 4 x 4 x 11 Curved Tapered with Clip at Each End) in gold for the new Hogwarts Icons - Collectors' Edition!

As soon as these parts are available to buy direct from LEGO we'll update the model thought I might just buy 76391 set anyway and have an amazing owl!

Andrew & Matilda


The Sutton Hoo Helmet is on public display!

Hello LEGO Sutton Hoo helmet fans.

The LEGO Sutton Hoo helmet is on public display at The Hold – Suffolk Archives (Ipswich, UK) all summer, as part of their summer LEGO programme which includes Brick History exhibition, loads of events and the screening of all the LEGO movies.

I was also invited to give a talk at The Hold on the helmet and how I built it. If you missed that, don't worry, as it was recorded and you can watch it here.

In the talk I explain why and how I made the helmet. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again for supporting the LEGO Sutton Hoo helmet!


Hitting 1000!

Thank you all so much for supporting the LEGO Sutton Hoo Helmet and getting us over the 1000 mark, this is a great milestone as it means we get an extra six months to drum up more support!

Visiting Sutton Hoo
I was lucky enough to be invited by the National Trust to take the build to Sutton Hoo for the day and compare it to one of their replica helmets. I think we got it pretty spot on. We shot some video which is currently being edited so we will update you all again when that's ready.

It was an especially poignant moment as it was 81 years to the day that Basil Brown first met Edith Pretty to discuss which mound to open first. While we wait for the video, you can see some images on my Twitter feed.

An evening talk at the Suffolk Archives
If you're anywhere near Ipswich (or fancy a mini break in Suffolk and even a visit to Sutton Hoo) you might like to know I'm giving a talk on how and why I built the LEGO Sutton Hoo helmet at the Suffolk Archives on the 22nd July. The archives have a whole summer programme of LEGO events from building sessions to the LEGO movies, so there's something from LEGO fans of all ages.

Calling all teachers!
WIth a background in Education Technology, inspiring kids with LEGO is one of the reasons I built the helmet in the first place, so if you're a teacher or school leader and are exploring the Anglo Saxon period as a topic with your students, get in touch and we can see if we can set something virtual up.

That's all for now, do please tell your friends and family about the build and help us reach then next HUGE milestone of 5000 supporters!


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