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The Sushi Lunch: A Taste of Japan


More than halfway to 1k! (500 supporters update)

Thanks for all the slow support coming in for this project! Please share this build around with your friends and family so this can become an offical set! Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

I might have another project coming in the next few months, so look forward to that. Keep bricking, and thanks again for supporting!


400 supporters!

Thanks for 400 supporters! Please feel free to share this idea with your friends and family so it can reach the next milestone. I will add an update once this idea hits 500, so in the meantime please support! Thanks!



Thanks for 350 supporters! Please keep supporting so this idea can reach to the next milestone. Thanks!


Please keep supporting!

This project idea was doing so well at the start of this week, but right now it needs more supporters! If you are able, please support and share this build with your friends and family. I will add another update to the build once it gets to 500 supporters, but in the meantime feel free to support and share! Thanks!


Over 200 supporters!

Thanks for over 200 supporters! Please keep up the support so this build can reach the next milestone! Also, thanks for 119 supports yesterday!


New Render

Here is a new render of this build! Thanks for the continued support!



Thanks everyone who supported this idea, and thanks Lego Ideas team for picking this as a Top 5 Under 100! Please keep supporting so it can reach the next milestone!


Halfway to 100!

Thanks to everybody who already supported this idea! But this idea still needs a lot more support before it can get more days, so please share this idea with your friends and family. Once this idea reaches 100 I will add an update to the build, but in the meantime, please support and share! Thanks!

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