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Ty's & Ky's 1950s Ice Cream Shop


1. 1950s influenced designed Ice cream shop.

2. I've been building with LEGO since I was 4, I'm currently 24, I've always had a soft spot for the 1950s especially when it comes to the architecture. I love the out-of-the-box thinking 1950s fast food restaurants to construct from. For my first Idea, I wanted something comforting yet eye-popping, for me Ice cream came to mind and 3 months later Ty's & Ky's Ice Cream was born. While designing, I couldn't stop myself from jam packing every nook and cranny chock-full of detail to make the place feel alive full of personality. 

3. I believe my Idea would make a great addition to any LEGO fans city and a great part of the LEGO Ideas family of products, I hope my design will bring great inspiration for old and young minds alike, while giving appreciation to 1950s architecture.

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