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Hyundai N Vision 74 : Design Process


The world's third-place brand in the automobile market. Hyundai Motor Co.
Hyundai Motor Co. unveiled the N Vision 74, a reinterpretation of the Pony Coupe concept in the past.
Developed as a high-performance hydrogen-electric hybrid car, the N Vision 74 is a model that shows Hyundai's past, present, and future.
It is also a modern reproduction of the design and heritage of South Korea's first sports car, the Pony Coupe Concept, which was unveiled in 1974.

The N Vision 74 is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell with a capacity of 85kW and a drive battery with a capacity of 62.4kWh.
The rear wheels are also driven using two drive motors with a maximum output and maximum torque of 500kW (equivalent to 680 HP) and 900Nm respectively.

This set shows the development of N Vision 74's design in 4 part.
It includes a Pony Coupe Concept model, the prototype of the design, and a design office, a designer's workspace.
And the process of making a designer's sketch a real model begins in the model studio.
It consists of a milling machine that can process industrial clay mass, a model room consisting of a 1:1 scale clay model, and N Vision 74 model.
Experience the process of completing N Vision 74's design.
Thank you.

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