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Modular Coffee Shop


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LEGO has quite a few modular buildings ranging from pet shops to restaurants to fire stations. However, there is not currently a coffee shop, which every town needs. This is my idea for a LEGO Modular Coffee Shop.

The first floor contains a refrigerator, sink, two blenders, an espresso machine, a counter with three registers and a smaller counter with the syrups for the drinks. The second story has a seating area with four tables and eight chairs. And last but not least comes the third floor. Inside is a pastry counter where you can buy a Danish or a croissant to go with your coffee complete with two ovens, a kneading counter, a rack of knives and a baster, a sink, a large case with pastries, a rack with mixing bowls and plates, and a trash can. Out back is a recycling bin and a trash can.

So, please support this project and share it with your friends and family if you want this coffee shop to become a reality!


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