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Mysterious Cities of Gold


The main objective was to create a playable lego inspired from the first city of gold in the cartoon 'mysterious cities of gold'.

2895 elements :
Finally the building is 2895 elements.
I can find other improvements to have about 200 less elements, that would give a 2700 bricks model

The main points :
- to have a size that allow minifigs to move in the city (i choose 4 base 32x32 on the ground and one upright)
- to be affordable.
- integrate key elements from the cartoon : doors opening, hidden parts, solar mirrors to defend the city, big central tower
- find a colour mix that reminds lightness and gold : i took yellow, tan and dark tan, gold pearl and metal gold
- adapt the city plan : i chose to design the city as a circle with dispositions inspired from Esteban's locket
- make the project real : 3 months of reflexion, 2 months of design and adaptations, one month to disassemble with photos, one month to create the notice, all that with 30 minutes a day.
- build the city with my children (the best part !!) : I offered the city the 1st January, and we built it every evening. We finished at the beginning of February.
The improvements :
- it was difficult to do exactly was i expected with bricks one can buy : to build big circles, i chose to put crooked wall on the front, and did a circular wall on the back. I would love to have a circular wall walk...
- creating sur elevated grounds is not easy (i should train a bit more)
- the stairs (i chose spiral staircase) are not easy to assemble, to exactly fit and to stay robust 
- the central tower : i chose transparent cylinders, it would have been better to have pyramidal tower. I also would love to have lightened tower
The good points :
- the gold gates are very nice and ideal for this building's spirit
- the pillars (yellow or gold) are really clean and efficient
- the minifig are close to the cartoon's characters (a green parrot for pichu is really great)
- phosphorescent bricks are wonderful, while cutting of the lights... my children are fond of it 

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