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Sweet Honey


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Thank you for taking a look at this idea. I came to this design because I wanted to bring something to life with LEGO that I'm passionate about. We know bees are a vital part of our world so I would love to see this set bring attention to them.

Beehive Frame:
I started with wanting to bring a part of the hive into the home as nice display. So rather than bring the full box in, one frame seemed more ideal for the detail I was going for. The technic sleeves go together perfectly to make the honeycomb shape we are all familiar with. Since the bees work both sides of a frame I wanted to show 2 different stages of the bees working the honey. For that I decided to display a full frame of open raw honey. Bees would normally enclose the honey in wax, but I wanted to show how beautiful their design is with all that golden honey. The other side of the frame is a more realistic view of a a beehive frame that has been capped and is still a great sight for any beekeeper. Even though it's less colorful I still like seeing the symmetry and how clean the bees have done their work. I also included a few worker bees and one queen that is designed slightly different to be just a bit larger than the others. Even though every hive would have 3 types of bees, I did not include the drones.

Honey Stand Plate:
I wanted to bring more life to the set with a small rendition of a beehive and a market that sells honey. Both of these are built on a hexagon plate as another nod to the bees. At the honey stand you will find honey jars in a few different sizes, and baked goods made with the fresh local honey. I find that the most recognizable honey jar in our stores and markets is the classic honey bear, however in the LEGO world, I figured they would have little honey minifigure jars.

Honey Extraction Plate:
This is a new addition to my submission and I think its a big part of what was missing. This brings in the middle step of the beekeeping process. Here you can remove the honey caps to allow the honey to run out. Then place the frames in the spinner and turn the top to make it spin! The empty jars are just waiting to be filled.

Backyard Plate:
The backyard beehive was a bit of a challenge to include some functionality. The top is designed to be removable as well as all the frames inside. The yard is complete with a variety of flowers and a bird bath giving the bees their access to pollen and water. The scene wouldn't be complete without the friendly beekeeper attending to his hive.

I hope you enjoy this set and would support the idea. Please leave a comment as I would be happy to hear your thoughts, ideas, or just let me know what you liked. 

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