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Greengrocer's Three-Wheeler and Market-Stall


Set includes: one greengrocer mini-figure, a small market-stall from where the greengrocer can sell his fresh goods and a three-wheeler for his everyday transportation - the ideal vehicle for manoeuvring through the dense traffic of a bustling metropolis as well as his daily route into the rural areas outside the city where he picks up his fresh selection of vegetables.

The three-wheeler is inspired by the iconic italian Piaggio Ape designs, and borrows design-elements from the original vehicle models as well as contemporary ones. The model vehicle is made to fit one LEGO mini-figure. The roof and windscreen is designed for easy removal and access to the vehicle's passenger seat.

Creating this mock-up I sought to make a gender-neutral set/ play-scenario that can be appreciated by adults as well as kids. The inclusion of a market-stall gives the protagonist (the greengrocer) a goal - a place to be, to go to and from - and the three-wheeler, his mode of transportation and the tool of his trade. 

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