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Solos One


We made it to 100 supporters!!!

Thank you for the support. It means alot to be able to move onto the next step. Thank you so much for the continued support, I really appreciate it. 

Here's to 1000 supporters.

Thank you once again.


Small Interior Update

Piece count as of update two: 2604

I decided to add a small interior as I thought it would add a bit more to the ship as well as having just the hangar as the main attraction would not be right for a model of this size.

Thank you for the continued support.

Image One

The first image includes the agricultural lab(left) mentioned in the description as well as work labs/hangout areas(right)

Image Two

The second image includes the previously mentioned work labs/hangout areas(left) and on the right is the Medical and R&D labs which too were mentioned in the description.

Imgur link to requested extra images
Imgur link to images

The focus of my next update will be to try and reduce the parts count to a more managable size, close to the 2000 mark hopefully, however I do intend the lower it more if possible. This will be a challange with the amount of small plate parts on the outside for the details.

Once again, Thank you for your support.


Quick Engine Update

Since the main body of the ship is pretty empty I decided to add an actual reactor under the rear superstructure to add a bit more into the ship. I plan on adding more updates along the line.

Imagines attatched show the reactor by itself; with exhaust piping and installed into the the ship.

Piece count as of Update 1: 2495 pieces.

Hope you enjoy, Thank you.


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