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Secrets of Memnon


Egyptian Adventures at the Colossus of Memnon

I didn't make any changes to this project. I only changed the title, because this way I believe the idea will be better presented. I made a video and some explanatory images on how the traps work.
First, here's the video:

Then the main image:

A staircase appears between the colossus legs:

There is a revolving wall:

Main image another angle:

Sliding Anubis statue:

Hidden crocodile and sarcophagus:

Sliding Anubis statue another angle:

A trapdoor on the colossus legs:

There is a secret chamber and a lot of gold!!!

The colossus back:

The colossus back becomes a prision:

The sides can be opened:

The archaeological tent and the car:

Real proportions:


Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed. If so, support that idea! 😉

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