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Much like a Flying Carthis Hover-Bike floats off of the ground. Having a flying vehicle- car, motorcycle, or otherwise- is far more superior than having a wheeled vehicle of the same kind. Allow me to elaborate.

When encountering a hole in the ground, a wheeled motorcycle would fall into it, resulting in damage and possible injuries, which is never fun. However, this fancy new Hover-Bike would glide right over the hole, using four anti-gravity devices that defy physics, and suspend the vehicle in mid-air. Propelled with three after-burner jet engines, the Hover-Bike zooms forward, resulting in no mess or fuss from that obstacle.

The opposite sort of road block would also be no match for the Hover-Bike: a wall. A common wheeled motorcycle, forced to stay on the ground, would crash and most likely cause injuries to the driver. But when confronting a towering brick wall, the Hover-Bike's anti-gravs kick in extra power and soar over the obstacle, continuing safely of its journey.

This fabulous Hover-Bike has four translucent blue anti-gravs, three after-burner jet engines, headlights, taillights, controls for one minifigure, and loads of adjustable flaps and hinges, customizable for any drivers needs.



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