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The Tall Goat


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     The Tall Goat Tavern is a popular place to stop for a nourishing meal before heading out on the high seas. Innocent merchants and roguish pirates alike step in for a glass of grape juice or a mug of root beer. 

     Since The Tall Goat gathers such a crowd, it is the first place imperial soldiers look for a notorious bandit who has evaded the sheriff of the Wild West theme and was last seen somewhere here in the Pirates/Ideas theme. Can you find him?

     Meanwhile, the general defends his daughter against an escaped chicken who is crossing the road, not realizing that there are four more behind him.

     The Tall Goat is filled with lots more of these funny details, such as a mischievous monkey who has stolen the old fisherman's hard-won fish.


     This would make a great LEGO set because the LEGO Group does not have many seaside sets and I think that this would bring a balance. Also, the set would include lots of fun details that builders would enjoy.

     This set would encompass the tavern proper, a two-level dock, sidewalk, and part of the road. The building has four stories: cellar, tavern, living quarters for the proprietor, and attic.

     It includes 12 minifigures: The proprietor of The Tall Goat, 2 customers, 3 sailors, Imperial soldier, Imperial general, general's daughter, fisherman, and peasant boy.

     The Tall Goat comes with 58 barrels. (Yes, 58 of them)


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