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Track Stars


Take a fun LEGO spin on the fitness carnival of track and field. Track and field is a sport where you can showcase more than one talent in different events. In track and field there is something for everyone.

In this LEGO set that I’d like to call “Track Stars,” all Minifigures are capable of all events, which just shows how versatile this set could be. As you can see in the pictures, by using the right parts, you can easily pose your Minifigures in action!

The elements that I have created using the LEGO Digital Designer Software include:

-small plates of “track,” complete with lanes (ideally numbered lanes)

-hurdles-adjustable height, as real hurdles can do

-a starting block (that if it goes to production, I’d like to create one for two feet that could be built in a set)

-a baton for a relay race

-a shot put/discus ring

-a spear for javelin

-a high jump pit

-a long jump pit

-a pole vault pit

-a podium


For the Minifigures’ outfits, I’d like for them to have an actual team uniform, with a tank top and shorts, and then color on their feet so they aren’t “barefoot.”

I think it would also be neat to have the Minifigures’ heads have two faces-a happy face and maybe one with the look of determination and persistence on them. As you can see in the relay photo, the runner handing off the baton has sweat on his face-I’d definitely like to see the Minifigures in this set with some blood, sweat and tears! (Okay, just the sweat!)

I am open to suggestions anyone may have that I can update this post with. I feel as though I have captured the essence of track and field with this set. Again, this set would be very versatile-the number of Minifigures could be downsized if need be for production. I am proud of this set that I have designed, and I hope that I will get enough supporters for this project and get to 10,000 so that I have a shot at getting this produced!

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